Genuine Collinsville T-shirts

Genuine Collinsville Tshirt, blackGenuine Collinsville. Wear Out History.

Collinsville, Connecticut is THE PLACE for all things cool. That’s right, from our natural beauty and outdoor recreation venues, to music, arts and entertainment, to unique boutiques, great shopping and delicious dining — Collinsville has it. In fact, our town has been listed as one of “America’s 10 Coolest Small Towns” by Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine.

But perhaps the coolest aspect of Collinsville is our incredible history — complete with stories of local heroes who’ve been part of some of our country’s—and even the world’s most well-known events. We figured it was high time to Wear out History. Genuine Collinsville™ t-shirts bring authentic stories, and pride of place, into the public square — celebrating Collinsville in a fun and memorable way. They’re super comfortable and great conversation starters.

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