When it Comes to Embroidery, We Mean Business.

There’s nothing more attractive, and that inspires more pride, than having your logo or special art embroidered on your favorite garment. That’s because embroidery is a classic way to display your business or organization’s brand. Whether on polos, company shirts, fleeces, jackets, sweatshirts and hats, we provide consultation and digitizing services to make sure your “threads” looks their very best.

Minimum order quantities:

(Based on using same art and same color set-up)
6 Shirt Minimum.

Most popular styles:

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Note: Collinsville T-Shirt Factory adheres to strict garment quality and texture standards to ensure the best printing and embroidery outcomes. As such, we do not accept customer purchased garments for production. Visit our Apparel section for a wide range of authorized styles and choices.