Screen Printing

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screen printing

Move over Warhol. Collinsville T-shirt Factory screen presses are ready for your next 1, 2, or 3-color project. Great registration, clean printing, beautiful colors, on quality cotton and cotton blend fabrics turns T-Shirts, Hoodies and more into wearable art!

Minimum order quantities:

(Based on using same art and same color per artwork)
12 Shirts @ 1 color
24 Shirts @ 2 color
36 Shirts @ 3 color
48 Shirts @ 4 color
60 Shirts @ 5 color
72 Shirts @ 6 color

Most popular styles:

Please click below to see color choices and companion styles:

Note: Collinsville T-Shirt Factory adheres to strict garment quality and texture standards to ensure the best printing and embroidery outcomes. As such, we do not accept customer purchased garments for production. Visit our Apparel section for a wide range of authorized styles and choices.